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METIS Olympic Barbell Sets

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Olympic Barbell sets are an essential item for any serious gym. Ideal for performing a range of weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises, METIS Barbell sets are used by many commercial gyms across Canada. Olympic barbells have a higher weight capacity than other barbells and METIS barbell sets come with a range of weights that vary in size from 5kg to 25kg. METIS 44lb barbells and 33lb barbells both meet specifications set out by international weightlifting associations for men and women. Olympic Barbell sets can be used on their own to perform an array of exercises including bent-over barbell rows and standing military press. In conjunction with a squat rack or weights bench, METIS barbells can be used to perform dozens of exercises. We also sell a range of barbell storage solutions including barbell wall racks and barbell stands.