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Jump Ropes

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    Plastic Skipping Ropes [Pack of 6] | Net World Sports

    Plastic Skipping Ropes [Pack of 6]

    Special Price CA$19.99

    Regular Price: CA$39.99

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    3m Speed Skipping Rope

    Adjustable Speed Skipping Rope

    Special Price CA$19.99

    Regular Price: CA$24.99

Skipping rope is an excellent form of exercise. Using a jump rope provides a great cardiovascular workout, burns calories at an intense rate, and develops bone density and muscular endurance. A convenient and accessible way to exercise, skipping rope is also great for the lymphatic system, builds agility and directly benefits overall wellbeing. Our range of skipping ropes include the METIS Adjustable Speed Skipping Rope, which comprises a 10ft steel wire ‘rope’ and non-slip aluminum handles. Ideal for children, as well as fitness centers and gyms, we also offer cost-effective plastic skipping ropes with HDPE handles for additional comfort. Whether you’re a boxer, a fitness enthusiast or someone looking to tone up, a skipping rope is a great tool to help you reach your goals.