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Balance Trainers

3 Products

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    METIS Balance Cushion

    METIS Balance Cushion

    Special Price CA$29.99

    Regular Price: CA$39.99

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    METIS Balance Ball / Trainer | Net World Sports

    METIS Balance Ball/Trainer

    Special Price CA$99.99

    Regular Price: CA$139.99

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    Metis Wobble/Balance Board | Fitness Training Tool | Net World Sports

    METIS Wobble/Balance Board

    Special Price CA$19.99

    Regular Price: CA$34.99

Balance trainers, including air cushions and discs, wobble boards, and balance balls, offer a range of benefits related to wellbeing, rehabilitation of injuries and functional strength. Improve your balance and coordination, by developing core strength and stability in the lower body. Balance trainers can also be used for upper body exercises such as press ups, to help strengthen stabilizer and fixator muscles in the chest and arms. Our range of balance trainers includes the METIS Balance Ball/Trainer, which provides a full body workout. With a reversible base and detachable resistance bands, it’s great for functional home resistance training sessions. Develop joint stability, core strength and superior proprioception/body awareness for your sport or wellbeing with METIS!