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METIS Hanging Punch Bag

METIS Hanging Punch Bag

  • METIS Hanging Punchbag | Net World Sports
  • METIS Hanging Punchbag | Net World Sports
Hanging punching bag design is practical for athletes who train in boxing, MMA & other combat sports. Heavy punching bag built to withstand intense training sessions. Leather punching bag pre-filled with EPE foam & absorbing fabrics. Available in 2 heights (4ft & 4.6ft).

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The aerial punching bag is manufactured from high-quality microfibre leather, which ensures the bag doesn’t split or rip, even with regular intense training programmes. Pre-filled with EPE foam and absorbing fabrics, so the punchbag can withstand regular impact. Indoor punching bag is easy to wipe down after use to maintain cleanliness. The wall punching bag is available in two heights: 4ft (1.2m) and 4.6ft (1.4m). The 4ft punching bag weighs 21kg with a 0.32m diameter, and the 4.6ft punching bag weighs 36kg with a 0.4m diameter. Provided with a punching bag chain, the heavy duty punch bag can be connected to a frame, which is not provided. The chain includes 360-degree spinners to prevent it from tangling when in use, which allows for natural, competitive-like movements around the professional punching bag. The punching bag for adults/punching bag for teenager is an excellent combat sport training aid. Benefits of punching bag training include improved footwork, speed, style and endurance, so you can go into your next fight with full confidence.

  • METIS Hanging Punchbag – Available in two different heights: 4ft (1.2m) & 4.6ft (1.4m)
  • Features punching bag chain and swivel, so don’t worry about how to hang a punching bag
  • Wall hanging punching bag provides natural movement and spinners prevent it from tangling
  • MMA training punching bag is double hand and machine stitched for long-lasting durability
  • Made from premium materials, the genuine leather punching bag does not split or rip

Net World Sports offers a wide range of boxing equipment. For METIS Boxing Gloves, METIS Boxing Pads and more, please see the essentials above.




  • Bag Heights: 1.2m (4ft) and 1.4m (4.6ft)
  • Bag Weights: 21kg/46lbs (4ft bag) and 36kg/79lbs (4.6ft bag)
  • Bag Diameters: 0.32m/1.05ft (4ft bag) and 0.4m/1.3ft (4.6ft bag)


  • Made from high quality microfiber leather, built to withstand intense combat training sessions
  • Triple layered and pre-filled with EPE foam and absorbing fabrics
  • Double hand and machine stitched for long-lasting durability
  • Incorporated and double stitched D-rings allows for chain attachment to connect to your frame
  • Double stitching at the top of the bag rather than a zipper for increased strength when hanging


  • Roof frame NOT included – bag and chain ONLY
  • Buy punching bag suitable for use in gyms, boxing gyms or at home
  • Please Note: Never punch the punchbag with your bare hands, as it poses a big injury risk
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