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Field Hockey Practice Chipping Block

Field Hockey Practice Chipping Block

  • Hockey Dribbling Block
  • Hockey Block For AstroTurf
  • Hockey Practice Chipping Block
  • Hockey Dribbling Practice Equipment
  • Hockey Dribbling Block
  • Hockey Block For AstroTurf
  • Hockey Practice Chipping Block
  • Hockey Dribbling Practice Equipment
Triangular foam field hockey training block, covered by heavy-duty, weather resistant, PVC material. Standing at 5 inches high, 6 inches wide and 24 inches long, it is the perfect tool to help you master the art of 3D dribbling skills.

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Durable and Simple Field Hockey Training Block For All Ages And Abilities

Heavy Duty PVC Dribbling Block

Weather Resistant Cover

Foam core covered by weather-resistant PVC material, means it will work like normal in those wintery training sessions.

3D Field Hockey Dribbling Block

Best 3D Dribbling Training

At 5 inches high, the block is the perfect height to practice your 3D skills and develop your dribbling skills.

Foam Core Field Hockey Dribbling Block

Securely Covered Foam Core

The foam core of this high-quality hockey dribbling training equipment is kept securely within the PVC cover due to the fastening zip on its back.


Adaptable PVC Covered Field Hockey Training Obstacle For Challenging Dribbling And Passing Drills

This dribbling practice block is a simple and essential part of field hockey training equipment to assist you in mastering key elimination skills to get past defenders. Whether it is used during silky dribbling drills or as a passing training tool to enhance ball control and technique, this hockey training accessory will help you to evade defenders when game day comes around.

  • Heavy duty PVC cover makes it both weather resistant and durable
  • Size: 24 inch L x 6 inch W x 5 inch H
  • Perfect for both practicing 2D and 3D dribbling skills or challenging yourself to find the sharp pass over the defender’s stick
  • Features a zip at the back of the cover which keeps the foam securely contained
  • Highly visible blue design which is easy to spot on the training pitch

The PVC material cover is weather resistant and heavy duty, so it can withstand that intense but dreary December training session in the rain. This weatherproof field hockey practice block is perfect for coaching and club training sessions all year round, providing consistent practice which will enhance your likelihood of achieving success on the field.

Due to the adequate size of this field hockey training aid, the dribbling block provides match preparations which are conducive of the real thing. The 24 inch length allows you to imagine the defender as you drag the ball from one side to the other as if you have completely eliminated the defender and are now through on goal.

Unfortunately, a simple 2D dribble is not always enough versus the very best defenders but that is not a problem with this practice obstacle. This field hockey dribbling aid is the perfect height at 5 inch, suitable for developing the key dribbling techniques which will allow you to take the ball past defenders with a slight 3D lift in your elimination skill.

The practice drills offered by this versatile field hockey dribbling obstacle do not stop there either. Use the ideal height of the item to practise passing and controlling those slightly lifted flicked passes and take your game to the next level!



  • Height: 5 inches (13cm) 
  • Length: 24 inches (60cm) 
  • Width: 6 inches (15cm)


  • Core: Ultra-duable foam
  • Covering: 100% weatherproof blue PVC cover


  • Angled for challenging training drills.
  • Sold individually.
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