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GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Mega Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

GAA Gaelic Football & Hurling Mega Rebounder Net (9ft x 7ft)

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Mega 9ft x 7ft Gaelic Football & Hurling Rebounder Net suitable for all GAA players. Features 4 adjustable angles for a variety of training drills, with net ties and tape.

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Essential Gaelic Football & Hurling Training Equipment For GAA Stars

Tennis Jumbo Rebounder Net


Don't be fooled by the sizeable frame - its freestanding design means that it retains portability. The efforts of two people are required to move it into position.

Tennis Jumbo Rebounder Net


This innovative Gaelic Football & Hurling rebounder features 4 adjustable angles, allowing you to engage in specific skill training drills for both sports.

Tennis Jumbo Rebounder Net


In order to ensure that your rebounder net performs to its maximum capabilities, the included net ties and tip will keep it taut for the ultimate bounce.


Give Your Gaelic & Hurling Training Drills An All-Ireland Twist With This Mega Rebounder

Whether you’re preparing to don County Colours and step out at Croke Park, or putting in extra hours at home to perfect your body catches and fist passes, this high quality, extra-large rebounder is the perfect training companion. An essential piece of training equipment for GAA hopefuls, this Gaelic Football & Hurling rebound net has the durability and quality manufacturing to provide countless hours of practice.

There’s no black cards where this ultra-durable Gaelic rebounder is concerned. Its sturdy steel frame exterior is as tough as a burly full-back, while its highly spring-loaded rebound net provides a variety of challenging training drills for all Gaelic Football & Hurling positions. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this is a versatile rebounder which will perform to its peak capabilities on artificial surfaces as well as traditional grass pitches.

With this mega rebounder net at your disposal you’ll become a true utility player in no time. Whether you’re practicing with a Hurley stick and sliotar or sharpening your skills with a GAA football, this adaptable rebounder is perfect for a variety of training drills. Its adjustable angle offers four delivery settings, allowing you to tailor your training to your requirements. Bring your high catching and hand passing abilities up to All-Ireland standards with this essential Gaelic training aid

This jumbo Gaelic Football & Hurling rebound net is a premium training tool, guaranteeing the power, consistency and high performance which is emblematic of GAA greats such as Colm Cooper. Everything you need for optimum training sessions is included with the rebounder, with elasticated ties and net tape designed to ensure that the net stays taut for worthwhile preparations. Combining unbeatable strength with realistic match scenario replication, this is the ultimate rebound net for Gaelic Football & Hurling players.


Frame Size:

  • 9ft Wide x 7ft High (2.7m x 2.2m)
  • Manufactured from 1mm x 31.8mm Steel

Net Twine:

  • 30ply Twisted Polyethylene Twine
  • 1 inch Mesh


  • 4 x Rebounder Angle Adjustments 
  • Elasticated Ties Included
  • Net Tape Included (Colour May Vary)
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use


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Questions & Answers

4 questions | 4 answers

I ordered a gaelic football & hurling mega rebounder for my son from Santa but the box I received has tennis rebounder on it. Have I been send the wrong item

Sandra Sheerin

Hi Sandra, thank you very much for the message. No, I can confirm this is the correct product, we have the same product that is suitable for a variety of sports, it's just we first introduced it as a tennis product. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Many thanks,


Does this have pegs to hold it into the ground. Thabks


Hi Anne, Thank you for your question. The GAA Rebound Net does not include any pegs, the rebound net does have a rubber piece on each corner which stabilises the rebounder. Meaning you are free to hit into the rebounder at what ever speed you would like with no worry of the rebounder moving. If you have any further questions please do contact me via Many thanks, Tom


Hello, I am actually looking for a training rebounder for volleyball. Would the GAA gaelic rebounder be effective for that?


Hi Kerry, thanks for getting in touch. Absolutely! Our rebounders can be used for an array of sports. It has 4 adjustable angles so you can practice a range of different shots/techniques. The strong steel frame allows you to hit the ball at force without moving and the tight, small mesh of the net provides a solid rebound back to you. I hope this information helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Many thanks, Adam


Hi I am wondering if the rebounder can be left out in all weather conditions for the whole year. Also can the rebounder withstand powerful shots?


Hi Clive, Thank you for your question. This product is completely weatherproof which allows it to be left outdoors all year round, the netting is UV treated to protect it from sunlight and the framework is powder coated to protect it from rusting. It will be able to withstand powerful shots from any distance, the rubber grips allows it to remain stable even if you do put some power behind a shot. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


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