Formed in 1967, Warrington Tennis League is made up of 18 clubs of varying sizes and run: six gentlemen divisions; six ladies divisions; six mixed divisions; and two over 45s divisions. With a strong relationship with the league’s Deputy Chairman, Net World Sports selected the North West based federation to help develop our Vermont Classic Tennis Balls which have now become the preferred ball of choice for clubs.

Deputy Chairman of Warrington Tennis League and Penketh Tennis Club’s Treasurer, Colin Fordham first got in touch with Net World Sports when looking for a reliable Dunlop Fort supplier, but has since been purchasing Vermont Classic Tennis Balls after testing the original prototypes and seeing first-hand the durability of the ITF approved balls.

“After sampling the Vermont Classic prototypes, we bought about 24 dozen to use as club play balls which confirmed our liking of them. Now that Dunlop have basically priced themselves out of the market, Penketh Tennis Club have changed balls and use Vermont Classics in training and matches. The Vermont Classics are great value for money so it’s a no-brainer, especially as the balls last longer and maintain pressure better than the Dunlop Forts.” Colin Fordham, Deputy Chairman of Warrington Tennis League and Treasurer of Penketh Tennis Club

Vermont Classic Tennis Balls
Vermont Classic Tennis Ball with Vermont Lunar Tennis Racket"

Sustained Durability

Suitable for all types of tennis courts whether it’s indoor, outdoor, grass or clay, the Vermont Classic Tennis Balls are suitable for training, tournaments and everything in between. This is something that Penketh Tennis Club are certainly reaping the rewards of, having played three sets with them and then using them days later for social games as they’re still in great condition. “The balls play very similar to Dunlop Forts but last much longer,” explains Colin.

Competitively Priced & Efficient Delivery

With the Vermont Classic Tennis Balls coming in at £2.99 for a tube of four balls, Penketh Tennis Club will continue to use the balls for the foreseeable future due to competitive price as well as the quick and efficient delivery service. “Net World Sports are always friendly and helpful to deal with,” comments Colin. “We wish them every success and hope these balls remain available for years to come.”