The aim of this drill is to improve passing accuracy. It will help with those short, sharp passes across midfield.


  • Place the FORZA 6ft Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles in a square position approximately 3 yards apart from each other.
  • Give each pole a different coloured FORZA Training Marker Cone.
  • Place the FORZA Pop-Up Target Goals in a larger square, roughly 8-10 yards from each slalom pole.
  • Ensure each pop-up goal with the same corresponding coloured cone is its furthest slalom pole diagonally across the square.
  • Place one FORZA Pro Match Fusion Football outside each slalom pole.


  • Stand on your toes in the middle of the 4 slalom poles
  • Your partner will call out a colour from the cones and you should react and run to the football nearest to the coloured cone called.
  • Dribble the ball around the slalom pole and diagonal across the square then pass the football into the same colour pop-up goal. Repeat for all four colours.
  • The aim of the drill is to pass the ball into all four pop-up goals accurately.


This drill can be progressed by moving the pop-up goals further away from the slalom poles to increase the distance of each pass.

FORZA FLASH Pop-Up Soccer Goals



FORZA 6ft Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles [1.5"]



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