Rugball is the combination of both rugby and football. Confused? Don't be... This drill highlights the best of both sports to produce a situation that not only recreates a matchday scenario, but focuses on both catching and forward movement.

You Will Need:

The Rules:

Use the full pitch and create 2 teams of 15 for this drill:

  • Use a football Yes, you read that correctly, we're using a football for this drill.
  • Normal football rules apply The only offside here is if the attacker is ahead of the last defender when the pass is made.
  • Catch it, carry it If you have caught the ball from a kick, then play touch rugby.
  • Kick it, dribble it If the ball is on the ground, then bring out your best footwork as it's football you're now playing.
Offside Touch Drill

How To Play:

  1. Touch rugby and football rules apply
  2. Kick off as normal with ball in hand. Passes can only be made backwards if in hand.
  3. As soon as the ball hits the floor, rules switch to football. Pass in any direction you like.
  4. There are two ways of scoring in this game. Score a try for 5 points when in hand. Score a goal inbetween the posts for 1 point when at your feet.
  5. If you are touch tackled with the ball, then you must drop the ball and play football.

It’s always recommended to stretch and warm-up before any training and cool down afterwards.