A fast-paced training drill to improve both player accuracy and speed. In partnership with Tom Joyce of TJ Fitness & Wellbeing we’re bringing you the best techniques to take your training to the next level.

You Will Need:


Fielding Cricket Drill 1

Step 1

Player 1 starts in standing position on marker placed on the floor

Fielding Cricket Drill 2

Step 2

To start player 1 will run around first cone placed 3-4 feet from his starting position

Fielding Cricket Drill 1

Step 3

Player 2 should pass the ball to the player. Player 1 should return the ball to the trainer and continue to move laterally to and around the slalom pole.

Fielding Cricket Drill 2

Step 4

Two passes should be made to player 1

Fielding Cricket Drill 1

Step 5

Player 1 should move forward to the mannequin on their second pass.

Fielding Cricket Drill 2

Step 6

Moving for one final touch around the mannequin before shooting in style into the top corner of the target goal.


For those more advanced players, use our FORZA Training soccer ball to help improve your ball control . At step 6 ensure you control the ball with your chest and a final volley should be made to hit the goal tightly into the top corner. Easier said than done!

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