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Netball Court Modular Floor Tiles System

Netball Court Modular Floor Tiles System

  • Netball Court Modular Floor Tiles System
  • Netball Court Modular Floor Tiles System
A bespoke netball court modular floor tile system. Designed with a range of features like a drainage and ventilation network. Simply install these interlocking court tiles on hard and flat surface to provide a minimal maintenance, anti-slip court for your players.

SKU: GE45108


Luxury Netball Court Tiles Designed For Longevity And Practicality

Create a tailor-made netball court designed exactly to your specifications with the Modular Floor Tile system. These interlocking tiles have been specifically designed to form a netball court that can be sized to your exact measurements. Due to the bespoke nature of these versatile floor tiles, you are able to incorporate court lines and logo branding for an added professional effect. So, whether you require an official standard court tiles or flooring to fit a particular sized area, this modular floor tile system is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your netball facilities. 

Each long-lasting modular netball court has been constructed with a range of user-friendly features to prolong its life. From the weatherproof materials used during manufacturing to theanti-slip coating, this is a functional netball court floor can be engineered to enhance the performance of your players. To further safeguard your players, the technology of the additional shock absorption system can be added to substantially reduce the likelihood of injury and straining. Despite the artificial materials used to create this robust modular flooring system, it will consistently deliver a true and realistic bounce. With the additional anti-slip capabilities, your team will greatly benefit from these extremely adaptable netball court tiles.

  • Additional shock absorption system also available
  • Full installation instructions supplied upon delivery
  • Manufactured from weatherproof and UV treated materials
  • Available in range of color variations to compliment your teams existing colors
  • A completely bespoke court with a range of additional features like logo branding and added court lines
  • Modular court flooring needs to be correctly positioned on level and hard surface to prevent tile migration. It is ideally installed onto concrete or asphalt
  • Low maintenance modular court tiles that have water drainage and air ventilation capabilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features an interlocking system for quickly and simple instillation

Modular flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood because of its robust and weatherproof composition. Each individual modular tile has been UV treated to ensure that they remain bright and vibrant in outdoor conditions. They have also been created with a perforated design that effectively filters dirt, water and general debris to maintain a clean surface. This almost self-sufficient modular floor features an integrated water drainage system that accelerates the courts drying time, so your players can quickly and safely return to the court. Additionally, the web-like design of the netball modular floor tiles proactively ventilates itself during hot and humid weather. With these all-weather court tiles, your netball team will be able to train and develop their skills all year round.

As a highly functional court tile system with low maintenance requirements, you’ll be able to quickly and safety use it after harsh weather. While the modular court tiles have been designed to be carefree, intermittent maintenance will be required to ensure that the system lasts for years to come.



  • Netball court dimensions are completely customisable


  • All tiles are UV stablised and weatherproof


  • Available in a range of colours with logo printing
  • Custom court lines can also be added
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Optional high-quality shock absorption system
  • Tiles utilise an anti-slip design
  • Filters air and water 
  • Must be installed on a flat surface
  • Installation instructions supplied on delivery
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