Mastered the basics and now looking for more of a challenge when it comes to HIIT training? In partnership with USA based Personal Trainer, Debi Lofstrand, we’ve got just the workout to take your high intensity interval training to the next level. Taking around one hour to complete, this workout is the perfect all-rounder.

How To Do It:

  • Work on each exercise for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds. There are 10 exercises within each station.
  • Rest for 45 seconds between each station.
  • Complete one round of each station and then repeat 1 -2 of the stations to finish the workout. Try doubling up on one station to begin with and increase this to two stations when you feel ready.
  • Be sure to watch the accompanying video to see how to complete each exercise correctly.


Rope Station:

  1. Eight jump squats with slams, followed by eight waves. Do as many reps as possible within the 40 seconds.
  2. Reverse run with tricep hold.
  3. Russian twists.
  4. Reverse lunge with slam rotations.
  5. Battle Rope in V: Squat jumps to each side.
  6. Overhead sit ups with battle ropes to the right.
  7. Uppercuts (microphone grip).
  8. Bear plank to plank with slams.
  9. Woodchopper slams.
  10. Overhead sit ups with battle ropes to the left.

Hurdles (H) & Gliders (G) Station:

  1. (H): Jump over hurdles and burpee in-between each.
  2. (H): V-sit with feet over hurdles.
  3. (H): Lateral jump with tri knee-ups.
  4. (H): Sumo squat with ladder taps.
  5. (H): Toe taps onto hurdle.
  6. (G): Glute bridge with alternating leg extension (narrow then wide).
  7. (H): Zig zag shuttle runs through hurdles.
  8. (G): Plank with alternating knee tucks to low plank with alternating leg sweeps.
  9. (G): Side lunge to reverse lunge.
  10. (H): Plank with four alternating cross hurdle taps and knee tucks.

Cone (C), Exercise Ball (EB) & Gliders (G) Station:

  1. (C – in a square): Perimeter suicides.
  2. (EB): Push ups with alternating toe taps.
  3. (C – in a line): Jumping jacks.
  4. (C – in a line): Push ups followed by lateral plank walks.
  5. (C – in a square): Three lateral skaters, jump forward. Three lateral skaters, jump backwards.
  6. (EB): Plank circles off EB.
  7. (EB): Overhead sit-ups (hold and squeeze EB).
  8. (EB): EB knee tucks (high plank with feet on EB).
  9. (G – with cones in a line): Lateral moving mountain climbers on gliders.
  10. (EB): EB pass through.

Resistance Bands (RB) & Skipping Rope Station:

  1. (RB): Single leg deadlift (right leg) into reverse lunge.
  2. Skipping Rope.
  3. (RB): Single leg deadlift (left leg) into reverse lunge.
  4. Skipping Rope.
  5. (RB): Plank walks with resistance bands around wrists.
  6. Skipping Rope.
  7. (RB): Overhead squat and press with resistance bands around wrists.
  8. Skipping Rope
  9. (RB): Hip bridge (feet together), open knees to alternating leg march with resistance bands around thighs.
  10. Skipping Rope.

Once you’ve mastered Debi’s intermediate HIIT workout for beginners, try her advanced one here.