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Bird Netting

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  • 75mm Bird Netting (Seagull) | Net World Sports

    2 15/16" Bird Netting (Seagull)

    Available in pre-cut sizes the outstanding quality 2 15/16" mesh netting, is the only net you need to safeguard against seagull infestation.
  • 48mm Bird Netting (Pigeon / Pheasant)

    1 7/8" Bird Netting (Pigeon / Pheasant)

    Stop pigeon infestation and keep pheasants enclosed with this quality 1 7/8" netting. Available in a wide range of pre-cut sizes.
  • 28mm Bird Netting (Starling)

    1 1/8” Bird Netting (Starling)

    The 1 1/8” mesh netting is made from extra strong polyethylene, which make it perfect for protecting against large roosts of starling. Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • 0 6/8” Bird Netting (Sparrow) | Net World Sports

    0 6/8” Bird Netting (Sparrow)

    High quality bird control netting with 0 6/8” mesh to protect against sparrow infestation. Available in 15 pre-cut sizes.
  • 6mm Black Poly Rope 220m Coil

    5/8" Black Polypropylene Rope - 721ft Coil

    Trust our rope to keep your net & loads secure. Made from ultra-durable 5/8" thick polypropylene, this net will outlast any of its competition. Rot proof & UV treated.
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We supply an extensive selection of pre-cut length and height or custom-size preventative bird netting for sporting, commercial or industrial environments. Made from super strong and waterproof twine in a variety of thicknesses and twines, our nets are the most effective and humane way to deter birds from places they shouldn’t get to.