The clock is ticking. There's one chance left in the game to score that winning try. You need to be clinical, sharp and decisive. This touch rugby drill will improve attacking movement and defensive positioning, but with the defensive line handicapped, who will win the battle?

You Will Need:

The Rules:

Use a third of the pitch for this drill, with eight players on each team:

  • Tag Rugby For this drill, normal tag rugby rules apply.
  • Retreat when you tackle Once you've made a tackle, retreat back to the goal line to increase difficulty for the defence.
  • Turnover after 5 tackles If you're attacking, make sure to be clinical. Possession changes after 5 touches.

How To Play:

  1. Standard touch rugby rules apply
  2. Attackers start off with the ball and try to break through the defence to score a try.
  3. Defenders must tackle by ripping a tag off the belt, or a 2 handed touch.
  4. Once a defender has made the touch tackle, they must retreat to the goal line and touch the line before returning to play.
  5. If the defending team has made 5 touch tackles before conceding then possession turns over.

It’s always recommended to stretch and warm-up before any training and cool down afterwards.