Wickets win matches. The pressure is on. Make a mistake and it can cost you dearly but master the basics and you can frustrate batsman whatever level you play!

Ensuring the fundamentals of your bowling technique is key to ensuring wicket success.

You Will Need:

Key Points To Consider:

  1. First off before bowing pace you need to warm up, a good 10 minute warm up will get your body ready to perform the skill of pace bowling
  2. Your run up needs to be smooth and rhythmical, I would recommend running in at about 75-80 percent of your full sprinting pace
  3. Always practice your skills, your skills will get you wickets not always your pace
  4. Technical points - Keep your head still and body upright when delivering the ball, a braced front leg helps with pace, try to use your front arm as much as you can.
Bowling Cricket Drill 1

Drill 1: Bowling Yorkers

Trying to bowl the ball where no batter can hit you for four or six is so important now! A yorker is a pace bowlers’ best friend. Here is how I would practice my Yorkers: On the crease put two cones down one for a yorker outside off and one for a yorker on the stumps. Both are important in trying to get the batsmen to do what you don’t want him to do.

Bowling Cricket Drill 2

Drill 2: Accuracy

Accuracy is so important when bowling and this is a drill I do all the time. I try regularly to do this drill just to make sure I am bowling the ball where I want to and make sure that I am hitting really good areas when I am bowling. Again, place two cones about 8-12 feet from the stumps and try to hit these cones.

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